Expansion Textile Joints

Compensating textile joints are made of different layers of heat resistant cloths with high tensile strength. They are studied to guarantee a perfect seal and the highest mechanic resistance with different working conditions.

They are suitable for gas discharge and thermic dilatation. They are made of different layers of materials such as PTFE, steel sheets or nets, silicone or aluminium and they can be insulated inside with ceramic felts or treated HT glass fibre cloths of our production according to their application and the customer's specifications. Textile joints are produced in linear size or with shapes and dimensions according to the customer's drawings.

GD 350 Joint

This joint resists to temperatures up to 350°C and it has a thickness of 7-8 mm. The outside layer is the mechanical support of the joint and it is made of PANXIDE cloth reinforced with stainless steel wires. The fabric is treated with silicone outside and with neoprene inside. The outside layer is folded down on both sides, tucked inwards and glued to the inside layer in order to provide a solid hold for flanges. Due to the difficult working conditions, the inside layer, which is in contact with fumes, steam, dust and must resist to high temperatures, is made of ceramic fabric thickness 3 mm. reinforced with inconel and treated with aluminum paste on both sides. Between the inside and outside layers, a PFTE sheet with thickness of 0,2 mm. ensures resistance to chemicals such as acid vapors. A stainless steel wire netting is also used to improve the mechanical resistance.

GD 500 Joint

This joint can withstand temperatures up to 500°C and it has a thickness of 8-10 mm. It has the same structure as a GD 350 JOINT, but there are two inner layers of ceramic cloth aluminized on two sides instead of one in order to increase the thermal resistance.

GD 750 Joint

This joint can withstand temperatures up to 750°C and it has a thickness of 10-12 mm. Due to the hard working conditions, beside the ceramic layer there are two layers of EVOLSIL fabric (preoxidized ceramic for high temperatures) aluminized on two sides.