Plates of Mica


Our “Mica papers” are prepared with selected natural mica material and a proper silicone binder.
The sheets of insulating mica (thickness 0.08 mm.) are placed one on the other with the silicone binder between, then they are pressed under high temperature.

The heatproof mica material can be two types: Muscovite (grey, max operating temperature 550°C and high mechanical properties) and Phlogopite (golden, max operating temperature 800°C and better thermal performance).

The flexible mica papers are used to produce round pieces and can be rolled till a minimum diameter of 10 mm.

The shared products have good mechanical characteristics and very good insulating properties at high temperature.


The “Mica papers” are shared in pieces and used in heating elements such as toasters, thermo-convectors, hair dryers, clothes irons and generally as insulating elements for electrical appliances.

Technical Properties