Heat resistant cloths

Evoltex can offer a wide range of cloths made of different materials such as: glass fibre 550°C or 750°C, ceramic fibre, carded HT glass fibre, silica, PANXIDE fibre (M48, GR48) of our exclusive production.
Our cloths can be reinforced with stainless steel wires, treated with silicone, rubberized (with natural rubber or neoprene), aluminized (in paste or in foil) on one or two sides, impregnated with vermiculite.
Suitable for the following applications: protection against heat and insulation, non condensation tubes covering, fireproof blankets and curtains, compensating joints, protective clothing and garments, in shipyards, railway, aeronautical, metallurgical and chemical field.

Glass fibre cloths 550°C and 750°C reinforced with stainless steel

Raw fabrics are available, without treatments, for applications with temperature range from 550°C up to 750°C. it is possible to produce the basic fabrics with stainless steel reinforcement both in warp and weft in order to improve the mechanical resistance.

Glass fibre cloths 550°C aluminized in foil

Available in different widths and thicknesses (0,18 to 3 mm.). Plain cloth can be aluminized in order to reduce fraying by cutting and as a further protection against radiating heat.

Caramelized heat treated glass fibre cloths

Available in different widths and weights. Glass fibre cloths are subjected to special treatments so that they do not develop smoke during the application and they guarantee an excellent resistance against heat and, if impregnated with vermiculite, against flame.

Glass fibre cloths coated with silicone

Glass fibre cloth can be coated with red or grey silicone on one or two sides to ensure protection against liquids and welding splashes.

Glass fibre fabrics treated with polyurethane

The glass fibre cloth can be treated with polyurethane color white, black or grey one or two sides. This treatment guarantees a goog heat protection makes the fabric waterproof and guarantees the abrasion resistance protecting against aging.

Ceramic and carded HT glass fibre cloths

They are available in different widths and thicknesses (2 to 3 mm.). They can be aluminized to reduce fraying by cutting, as further protection to radiating heat and for anti-dust treatment. They can be rubberized (with neoprene, natural rubber, EPDM) on one or two sides to ensure protection against liquids and welding splashes. Evoltex also offers a preoxidized ceramic fibre cloth which guarantees constant resistance against the highest temperatures (up to 1260°C).

Amorphous silica cloth

Excellent resistance to high temperatures, up to 1200°C (melting point 1650°C). Plain cloth can be treated with elastomers or silicone. It is available as cloth, tape and tape with adhesive.