Tricotè elastic cords and soft cords

Round elastic fibre glass cord tricotè

Needle-braiding of glass fibre so that the cord does not fray by cutting. It can be produced with, a glass, ceramic or carded HT glass fibre core for a higher resistance to temperature and an outstanding combination of the features of different materials or without core in order to guarantee the maximum elasticity. Applications: ovens, furnaces, boilers.

Round soft rope glassoft

Made of a soft ceramic or ecologic core over which is braided a tight woven fiberglass sleeving. Glassoft rope is extremely soft thanks to the low density of its ceramic or ecologic core that ensures an outstanding resistance to high temperatures. Suitable for boiler doors and kilns for ceramic and brick industries.

Round soft cord Cesoft/Ecolsoft

Made of a soft ceramic or ecologic core with an external overbraiding of glass, ceramic ecologic or stainless steel mesh. Soft and flexible, this cord is easily rolled over pipes and tubes, even of small diameters, valves, elbows. Suitable for insulation of flanges and seal for oven, doors, kilns.