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Evoltex has been becoming part of the market of boilers for many years, supplying products studied carefully and realized taking continuous changes of the raw materials into consideration, always made towards the health and environment respect.

For example, the braided packings to be mounted into the seats of boilers doors, specially studied to allow the general users an easy and quick mounting, saving considerable labour costs.

Evoltex boasts also about a long experience in the production of the manhole gaskets, realized in 3 qualities, in order to offer the user the right article for the right application, whether in condition of medium-low-high pressure, or in cold, warm water and steam.

Apart from the above mentioned materials, Evoltex produces also any type of flat gasket according to drawing for smoke, heat and fluids sealing.


For every Kind of furnace, for ex. Furnaces for ceramics and kilns, coke furnace, domestic ovens for metallurgy, furnace for glassworks, electric furnaces, ovens for bread making, furnaces, Evoltex has developed a wide range of specific products for every applications, for ex., round braided packings, square braided packings, tapes and sleeves, solving problems concerning duration in time, mecha Evoltex S.r.l. resistances, high temperatures resistances and contact with food resistances.

Concerning long duration resistances, Evoltex uses long fibre yarns, in order to get a finished product much more resistant in time.

Concerning mechaEvoltex S.r.l. resistances, Evoltex added a further sleeve made of stainless-steel yarns to the classic braided packings.

Concerning high temperature resistance, Evoltex uses high quality yarns, satisfying every requirement of its customers.

Concerning the products conditions in contact with food, Evoltex studied particular impregnations which don’t produce smoke with high temperatures, allowing the products not to be toxic in contact with food.


Evoltex can produce braided packing for pumps – valves and flanges and specially for centrifugal pumps (rotary shaft), piston pumps (to and from motion), valves, stem tightnesses, static seal, flange, frames.

In the last years Evoltex has developed a full range of braided packings in order to guarantee the maximum seal of rotary shafts, for ex., of the centrifugal pumps in agitators mechanisms, of axial movement shafts, like in the piston pumps, of stems, for ex., of valves, static seal of frames, covers and closures.

Thanks to the innumerable raw materials used, Evoltex can propose, in accordance with the application, gaskets for pumps in the chemical field – in contact with acids, alkali, resins and solvents, in the mining field in contact with muds, drainages, in the textile field, in contact with, bleachings, dyes, filtrate liquids, in the food canning field and foodstuffs like sugar mills, breweries, oil-mills, in contact with ammonia, pastes, polishing solution, cold water, muds, mixtures, juices, brine, bops, caustic soda, distilleries, must, in the energetic field for power station, fuels, dirty water, in the paper mills field, washing water, steam pulp and in the naval field in contact with saline water.


Evoltex has recently solved various problems of its customers, offering products having high level performances in the field of protection, like in the metallurgic, ironmaking, glass field, with curtains of any dimension for protection for molten metals, antisprinklings cloths, gloves as handle according to drawing, general protection clothing.

Apart from the above mention products, Evoltex has developed in the protection field sleeves made of fibre for high temperatures covered with elastomers or silicone for using in the aeronautical, car, railway field, industrial vehicles, for rigid and flexible metal pipes, on rubber hoses for electric cables, in the naval field.


In the last years Evoltex has developed, apart from the traditional braided packings and tapes, a range of specific articles for stoves and chimneys, elastic braided packings and tapes, in order to make easier and quicker the mouthing into the small seats and between doors and glass, allowing the general user to save considerable time.

The experience in the years, has allowed Evoltex to realize the above mentioned products, using fibres resistant to temperatures between 300°C and 110°C, satisfying in this way the innumerable requirements of its customers.


Evoltex proposes for the ventilation market a production of expansion joints, manufactured according to the drawing, in any dimension, in square section, round rectangular or linear, in conditions of working temperatures from –50°C upto +750°C.

They can be used in presence of aggressive gases, in compression or in depression; it’s about articles particularly used in the field of glassworks, cement factories, steel works and general warm and cold air conductions.


Evoltex produces a wide range of products destinated to the steel industry:
round, square braided ropes and twisted cords for sealing the oven doors, gaskets for casting molten metals, manufactures for the protection and thermal insulation, such as tapes, sleeves, siliconed sleeves, specific treated fabrics for welding spatters and incandescent slags.


Evoltex produces special packings in the form of textile wiping pads for wire mills, which are applied to the systems of cleaning and polishing of zing metal wires.

These special items have been designed and developed specifically for this field; they allow the wires produced to come out the galvanizing bath properly cleaned assuring an uniform coating.


Evoltex is able to provide Muscovite mica sheets and phlogopite mica, in addition to mica tubes and bars, from which you can get gaskets, according to specific drawings, suitable for heating appliances like for ex., halogen lamps, toasters, heaters, hair dryers, electric resistances in general.