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Ecological Mattress Pad

Ecological Mattress Pad: Characterized by extreme softness, flexibility, and lightness, these mattress pads are made from ceramic or ecological fibers. Thanks to the length of the fibers, the Evoltex mattress pad has a low shrinkage coefficient, is very strong, extremely resilient, and provides excellent thermal insulation. It can be coupled with other fabrics to create Ecological Mattress Pad

Ecological Paper

Ecological Paper: Rolls of ecological fiber paper characterized by low conductivity, good handling resistance, and excellent dielectric strength. Thanks to its chemical stability, ecological paper ensures excellent resistance to corrosive agents. Evoltex provides custom-cut gaskets.

High-temperature glass fiber cardboard

The high-temperature glass fiber cardboard is composed of glass wool fibers, mineral fillers, binding fibers, and organic adhesives. Thanks to the composition based on fibers with high resistance to high temperatures, this product is particularly suitable for use in insulation panels, wall linings of ovens and boilers, and static insulation with temperatures up to 1100°C. High-temperature glass fiber cardboard

Ecologic cardboard

The cardboard is composed of artificial siliceous mineral fibers, mineral fillers, binding fibers, and organic adhesives. Thanks to the high-strength fiber composition, this product is ideal for use in insulation panels, linings for furnace and boiler walls, and static insulations with temperatures up to 800°C. The remarkable compactness of the sheets, the rigidity and regularity Ecologic cardboard