Square braided ropes

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Evoltex produces a wide range of square and rectangular braided ropes in
order to meet different requirements and to comply with the customer’s
needs by offering the most suitable product for any working condition and
temperature. Our braided ropes ensure a perfect seal and thermal insulation, an outstanding adaptability so that they can easily be set into the seat, and a low wear rate. Evoltex braided ropes can be used for different applications, mainly in the field of static seal for furnace and oven doors, covers, for tools for molten metals casting

Square glass fibre 550°C braided rope

Evoltex can produce a low density (0.6) packing braided in 4 ways. It is sometimes used instead of our standard braided packing with density 0.8-0.9 for the following features: GOOD ELASTICITY high resistance to breaking and HIGH ADAPTABILITY both when mounting and cutting, thanks to its softness and fl exibility. Due to its 4-way braiding, Square glass fibre 550°C braided rope

Treccia quadra trattata

I tipi base delle trecce sopraillustrate possono essere realizzati con variazioni dettate dalle esigenze della clientela quali trattamento esterno in grafite (come lubrificante in applicazioni dinamiche e per una maggiore resistenza alla temperatura), in PTFE (per maggiore effetto antifrizione e per contatto con agenti chimici e corrosivi) o silicone (trattamento anti-irritante e anti-polvere) o con Treccia quadra trattata