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Circular and oval gaskets are made of heat-resistant cloths treated with elastomers which
are cut diagonally in sectors, rolled up and calendered or pressed. The diagonal cut of the
fabric and the careful execution in only one piece ensure the invariable size of our manhole
gaskets and an outstanding seal. Suitable for manyfold applications, seal by cold and warm
water, high temperatures and pressures. Evoltex manhole gaskets are used with every kind of
boiler; Evoltex can produce circular or oval gaskets of any dimension, width and thickness. In
case of application with oils and solvents, the basic fabrics are spread with solvent-resistant
rubber. In case of application with high pressure, the basic fabrics are reinforced with brass or
stainless steel. PANXIDE cloth GR48, an exclusive production Evoltex, is particularly indicated
for applications with high temperatures and pressures.