Expansion Joint GD 350

01 Giunto Di Dilatazione

Base joint with a thickness of 7-8 mm that can operate up to 350°C. The outer layer provides mechanical support to the joint and is composed of PANXIDE (polyacrylonitrile) fabric reinforced and treated with silicone rubber on the outside and neoprene on the inside.

The outer layer is folded inward on both sides, forming a high-strength edge for flange connection. The edges are bonded to the inner layer, which operates in direct contact with fluids, fumes, steam, dust, etc.

To ensure good thermal resistance, the inner layer consists of a 3 mm reinforced ceramic fabric, treated with aluminum paste on both sides. A 0.2 mm thick Teflon sheet is applied between the two layers to resist chemical aggression, sometimes from acidic vapors. To improve mechanical resistance, a layer of stainless steel wire mesh is also provided.

Colore / Colour bianco / white
Densità / Density 0.6-0.9
Temperatura max di esercizio
Max working temperature